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Complete guide to IPTV

Simply describing, Iptv is a television service provided over the internet. Instead of watch tv of limited channels using conventional ways over cable and antennas, IPTV is a new revolutionizing technology through which you can access the TV channels of all over the globe. Watching TV from all over the globe may sound difficult but we have made it easier as much as like plug and play.
You can use three ways to stream IPTV
• Smart TV
• Mobile and Tablets
• Set-top boxes
Smart IPTV
To watch the IPTV on smart tv you should know which smart tv you are using. For example, if u have LG smart TV you can directly download the IPTV from the LG content store.
IF u have Samsung smart TV then unfortunately Samsung has removed the IPTV from the Samsung apps store. But there some other ways to install the IPTV. Just download and extract the Tizen Widget zipped directory from their official website to the root of the USB flash drive. Insert the flash drive to your Samsung TV and the app will automatically show up in the “My Apps” section of the TV. Make sure that the contents of the zip-file are extracted to the root of the flash drive. Once you do that, you can remove the flash drive and the app will still be on your TV.
FORMAT for Smart TV is M3U
Once you install the IPTV on smart TV find the Mac address and send it to us during the order
Mobile and Tablets

For android users, there are several apps you can download from google play store to watch IPTV. To name a few
• IPTV Smaters pro
• Lazy Iptv
For IOS and tablet users you can download GSE IPTV. These apps are free to install but
After downloading the app it will ask you for Xtream code. When you subscribe to our plan we will send you Xtream code.
Set-top boxes
You can order the top boxes like the MAG device from amazon. After buying the MAG device send us the MAC address during the order. We will send you the portal address to your email. Just enter the portal address and enjoy your subscription.
To use it on a laptop you can download
• VLC MEDIA Player


  1. Tap on the MyIPTV app to open it.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’.
  3. Now click on ”Add New Playlist”.
  4. Afterwards, choose EPG source.
  5. ‘Remote channel list’ would now be visible to you.
  6. Enter the name of your desired IPTV over there.
  7. Enter your IPTV subscription M3U link in the ”Enter Remote Source”.
  8. Now, you just have to sselect a program that you want to watch.
    VLC Media Player
  9. Download the newest version of VLC Media player and Install it.
  10. After the installation, commence the launching process of the VLC media player
  11. Navigate the Open Network Stream after its launch
  12. You will now see an option for HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS. Click on the box to check it. In the URL box, write the network URL of IPTV and enter.
  13. You will now be able to see a playlist in the VLC. In the left channel you will now be able to see all of the channels.
  14. Simply click the channel you want to view now.
  15. Launch the channel now.
how to use iptv

On your Android Phone, go to the Google Play. Type “IPTV” on the search bar and install the IPTV app. Search MX Player and install it on your Android Phone. Turn on VPN to protect the connection.
Then open the IPTV app, click OK on the Add URL pop up and you are done.

 Install IPTV on your phone or Smart TV, upload your m3u playlist of audios or videos and just click to watch what ever you want.

IPTV is a simple system that streams the channels through the internet connection. It uses Internet protocol (IP) based network for the delivery of TV channels to users. The consumer requests and receives TV Shows and Video content is delivered to the viewer via internet instead of cable, antenna, or satellite.

 One subscription of IPTV is enough for multiple TV sets and other devices in a house. The WiFi signals of IPTV can connect to all devices in all the corners of the house.

These are the apps that are compatible with all the Fire Tv devices. The devices include Fire TV Cube and FireStick 4K.
Some of the best FireStick Apps for Sports and Live TV are:
● ESPN for Fire TV (Paid)
● Live NetTV (Free)
● Redbox TV (Free)
● TVTap (Free)
● Sportz TV IPTV (Paid)
● Players Klub IPTV (Paid)

There are a few apps available for Android phones and devices to watch IPTV for free. They are:
● FreeFlix TV
● Swift Stream
● HD Streamz
● Redbox TV
● Mobdro
● Live NetTV

FreeFlix HQ is the best IPTV app for FireStick.

Nord VPN and Windscribe are the best known free VPN for FireStick.

Yes. IPTV provided the opportunity to see live TV through certain apps like Live NetTV.