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Streaming TV without a TV Box. Includes 10+ channels with local news, live sports, weather.

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Setting up the IPTV on MAG

1) While placing order, send us the mag address.
2) We will send you the portal address
3) After Recieving, put the portal address in the portal parameters
4) Done.

iptv mag

322 Box is the latest mag IPTV box.

MAG address is a feature that identifies the registered number of the device manufacturers and makes is usable at the time of utilization.

MAG 410 is the latest mag box.

 Like IPTV, Mag IPTV is also legal.

These are some of the few best mag boxes for IPTV.
● Formuler Z7+
● MAG 324
● BuzzTV XR4000
● MAG 322
● Dreamlink T2 and Dreamlink T1

A VPN is required for a safe side. If a MAG Box is connected to the VPN network, then there is no possibility that any ISP can block your IPTV access.

MAG address is written at the back of the device.

IP address identifies the internet connection of a device while MAC address identifies the physical address of a device on an internet network.

The MAC address remains the same and can not be changes. The factory embeds the MAC address in the NIC’s chip in such a way that no changes can be made in it.

If two divices bear the same MAC address, the working of the divices gets affected and non eof the divices can communicate in a proper way.