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Using ‘SET IPTV’ App for IPTV

SET IPTV is a pre-installed app on Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV & LG Smart TV. It can easily be used to watch IPTV service. SET IPTV offers its service but you can use IPTV Pro service and you need M3U IPTV URL to watch channels on your smart TV via Smart IPTV app.

Another method is a pre-installed app called ‘SET TV’ on most Smart TVs like Samsung, LG, etc. This SET IPTV app also does offer their services but our IPTV Services are the best, so it is recommended to use them. You will need an M3U IPTV URL so that you can watch thousands of channels of us through this app.
Supported Devices: Smart TV’s (Most Brands)
OS: IOS, Android, Tizen
Download From: Google Play, Apple App Store & Comes pre-installed
Supported Format: M3U

1) Launch the app (SET IPTV) on your TV. It comes pre-installed, otherwise, you can download it from the above-mentioned sources.
2) After Launching, find and note down your MAC Address
3) Share this address with us when placing your order.
4) Done!

set iptv.

Yes. All the smart IPTV apps are free.

The Smart IPTV has good review. It is a light app that does not take much space in the divice and runs smoothly.

Yes. Samsung has removed Smart IPTV from apk stores for new users. If someone will update their Samsung TV, Smart IPTV will not be downloaded again on that TV.

You can find Smart IPTV in the TV app store of the Samsung TV.

Many models of LG and Samsung have Smart IPTV app like
● SSSP V3.
● SSSP V4 (Tizen 2.4)
● SSSP V6 (Tizen 4)
● SSSP V5 (Tizen 3)
● LG webOS 3.0 Signage Models
● LG webOS 3.2 Signage Models.
● LG webOS 4.0 Signage Models.

If you want to update your Samsung Smart IPTV app, follow the following steps.
● Press the Smart Hub or Home button of your Samsung TV remote.
● In the Home Menu, select Apps.
● in the apps, select My Apps.
● Open the Options and turn the auto Update on.

You need to search for it in your tv app store. If they are is not so you have to try another iptv applications.

The TV and the apps update together when you start the update process.

Yes.The TVs of all the companies need to be updated regularly. A notification of update is send to every user to add new features to the TV or to remove bugs.

No. the old Samsung Smart TV is not compatible with Iptv apps.

To install Google Play on your smart TV, open Smart Hub and go to Apps. Select Samsung Apps. In Samsung apps, select Google Play Movies and press Enter. Again press Enter to download the app.